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GRK Fastener Finish Trim Head Screw

GRK Fasteners

Designed for most fine carpentry applications, as well as window extension jambs, joining cabinets, and more. A combination of the smallest screw head available and code approved structural performance results in the most secure, concealed fastening in the industry.

  • Trim Head: For a clean, finished look
  • Star Drive Recess: Zero stripping, with 6 points of contact
  • Climatek™ Coating: ICC-ES AC257 code approved for use in treated lumber*
  • Code Approved: For structural applications ESR-3201


  • Trim Head
    For a clean, finished look
  • W-Cut™
    For a low torque, faster drive

  • Zip-Tip™
    Eliminates pre-drilling

Additional Features

  • Code-approved Climatek™ Coating
  • Star Drive recess
  • ESR-3201 approved for structural applications

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