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GRK Fasteners RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw (1/4" x 2")

GRK Fasteners


GRK’s RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw is a structural fastener designed for ease of installation and the strongest of connections. RSS fasteners drive into most woods without the need for pre-drilling. The specially engineered design results in a low-effort  installation, especially compared to conventional lag screws. 

  • Fast Bite Tip: Provides a fast start   
  • Zip-Tip™: Eliminates pre-drilling  
  • W-Cut™: Low torque, faster drive  
  • Precision Fit*: Reduces wobble between RSS screws and GRK bits for improved productivity*  
  • Climatek™ Coating Code: Approved for use in treated lumber
  • Star Drive Recess: Zero stripping, with 6 points of contact 


Integrated Washer Head

For maximum clamping force

Unique Thread Design

Draws two substrates together while its washer head allows zero gap joints


Low torque and smoother drive reduce splitting

Additional Features

  • For use in heavy duty structural applications and deck substructures as a replacement for lag screws and other remodeling applications
  • Rugged enough for use in LVL, LSL, and other dense wood
  • ESR-2442 approved for structural applications 


Heavy Duty Framing
LVL Fastening
Structural Decking

Additional Applications

  • Ledger boards  
  • Multi-ply  
  • Interior and exterior remodeling

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